Scott Wagner – Hardcore Democrats

Scott Wagner – Hardcore Democrats

Scott is a proud 4th generation Coloradan, a CSU graduate and has lived in Highlands Ranch since 1995.  Scott’s parents were the 40’s generation; his father was a veteran of WWII and was the first optometrist in Douglas County in Castle Rock, and his mother was the receptionist. Scott is a 30-year telecommunications industry professional, and also a small business owner as a management consultant and photographer.  He understands what it means to think globally and act locally as he lived and worked in Germany for six years. An active volunteer with organizations like Project ReCycle in Lone Tree, and Denver Film Society.  Scott campaigned and was elected at-large as a Democratic National Delegate in 2012.

Scott believes people are sick of political rhetoric and negativity; they want solutions and positive action and healthy communities.  Scott wants to provide great representation for Highlands Ranchers, and protect the planet and our environment with smart, innovative, business solutions and technology, optimized government, and consumer/business friendly legislation.

As a father of two teenagers, Scott is especially concerned about our kids, especially the ones at risk.  Scott says, “Colorado is 43rd, behind Alabama and Mississippi, in funding education, and special education funding is sparse at best.  Juvenile justice, mental health, and education do not serve each other well.  Awareness needs to be raised of the very real dangers of toxic/deadly synthetics and the laws and technology for drug testing need to catch up.”
So far, Scott has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, Ceasefire, and One Colorado.

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